NSK-10 Solar Kiosk NV3 Mobile Connect


The NSK-10 is the perfect mix of digital signage and charging for locations without access to power.  This solar kiosk charges an internal lithium-ion battery in order to provide patrons with emergency power for their mobile devices.  The unit is rated for outdoor use and is weather tight.  The NSK-10 has an integrated 10.1 inch HD TFT screen for displaying information, ads, and other rich media content.  The media player is an HD media player that will play images and videos as a slideshow.  The media player plays content off of a provided high speed thumb drive.  There is an optional Android media player that will integrate with our digital signage application, allowing for content to be scheduled and controlled remotely.  More information on the digital signage application and its capabilities can be provided upon request.  The unit will be a great addition to any campground, state park, or other remote location.  Use the sun to help you stay connected.





Digital Signage

Remotely manage content.  Internet Required

Customized Branded Skin

Wrap the kiosk with your brand and customize the decals

NV3 Care & NV3 Care+

Designed to make your kiosk ownership hassle-free

The quality of our work shows through because it is designed with passion in the USA.