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Product Description

The NSK-10 is the perfect mix of digital signage and solar charging for locations without access to power. This solar charging kiosk has an internal battery in order to provide patrons with emergency power for their mobile devices. The unit is rated for outdoor use and is weather tight. The NSK-10 has an integrated 10-inch screen for displaying information, ads, and other rich media content. (Now Available….upgrade to a 19-inch screen!) The HD media player will play images and videos as a slideshow. The media player plays content off of a provided high speed thumb drive. There is an optional Android media player that will integrate with our digital signage application, allowing for content to be scheduled and controlled remotely. More information on the digital signage application and its capabilities can be provided upon request. The unit will be a great addition to any campground, state park, or other remote location. Use the sun to help you stay connected with the solar charging kiosk.

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NV3 Technologies Charging Kiosks are designed to provide cell phone and mobile device charging in public spaces. Anywhere from hospitals to universities to restaurants, kiosks give phones a quick energy boost while the LED screen plays content of your choosing. Kiosks come in all shapes and sizes, so there is a perfect fit for every need.

NV3 Cell Phone Charging Kiosks are manufactured in the United States. We believe that community and local collaboration is the key to creating a good product, which is why NV3 works with local businesses in Baltimore, Maryland in the manufacturing of our charging kiosks.

NV3 starts with a shell. The steel enclosure we use for our kiosks is the beginning of a process of careful assembly in NV3’s manufacturing division. As the foundation of the kiosk, the enclosure is important, so we work with our local partners in order to maintain high quality. Pictured here are parts of our NSK-10 Solar Charging Kiosk still in the factory.

We outfit the enclosure with everything it needs to function as a kiosk. We install our charging board, charging cables, screen, and other integral parts that keep the kiosk working as it should. We customize the kiosk to customer specifications at this point in the process as well. Depending on customer choice, we install a media player that suits their signage needs. It is at this point that we also install optional features such as the credit card or cash acceptor.

Once the kiosk is complete, it is tested. Each charging cable is tested before kiosks are shipped out, and digital signage is also tested with either sample media or media provided by the customer, depending on the chosen digital signage package. Completed kiosks are packed and shipped. Many customers choose to brand their kiosks in custom vinyl wraps, and in those cases we work closely with our customers to provide the designs they are looking for. Once vinyl wraps are applied, kiosks are shipped to our customers.

Additional Information

Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 92 in

Call 410-394-5500 Monday-Friday 9-5 EST