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NV3 Technologies manufactures the “Cell Phone Charging Kiosk”. The “Charging Kiosk” is a new type of product, designed for the mobile phone service market. It capitalizes on the consumer's need to re-charge their cellular phones conveniently, while on the move. Accessibly located in public places, they serve as much needed emergency "Charging Kiosk". The Kiosk requires the customer to wait while the device is charging. As they wait, the LCD screen can give a captive audience news, weather, sports info and in-house promotions/advertising, all on one screen. We can also integrate a touch screen allowing the screen to be interactive, turning the kiosk into a virtual retail store.

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Digital Signage

Our digital signage application allows remote management of content on an LCD screen(s) from anywhere in the world.  It provides businesses a new way to channel and display dynamic multimedia messages to their customers by the use of a simple LCD screen.  With the capability to divide the LCD screen into multiple sections, you can provide customers an alternative source to information and an advertising medium for local, regional and national businesses.