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Charging Products

A Cell Phone Charging Kiosk is a freestanding or wall-mounted machine – with integrated charging cables – that has the power to give a quick, emergency boost of power to a dead or dying mobile device. NV3 Technologies was the first company to build and sell charging kiosks in the United States. We offer a variety of products that deliver a safe, efficient charge every time.


Cell phone batteries tend to expire more quickly at large events where crowds are gathered for extended periods of time. NV3’s rental program combats this issue, allowing conference, trade show, and festival attendees to stay charged and connected. With an affordable weekly rental rate, and a variety of products to choose from, it’s easy for any company to provide safe, efficient phone charging.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage from NV3 Technologies is available in a variety of formats, from images or videos on a thumb drive to a sophisticated cloud-based content management tool built to handle hundreds of screens at a time. Need network management? We can do that. Need customized content for your particular customer base? We can do that too. Keep your customers informed and connected with digital signage from NV3.


  • “We purchased the Cell Phone Charging Kiosks to offer digital signage to customers. It’s a great machine to use to offer service. A good all-around product.”

  • “Our kiosk is well-used. We’re often told ‘Oh, it’s great you have one.’”

  • “NV3 was wonderful. I went with them because I loved the business model, products, and the fact that [the kiosks] were made in America.” “My second kiosk was in Panucci’s in Concord. Everyone loved it. It was a basement bar, so cell service was bad, and it was always being used.”


No matter what the project is, we can handle your needs. Let us know what you are attempting to accomplish, and we will offer you a solution that makes sense and fits your budget.   


The ORIGINAL Cell Phone Charging Kiosk

NV3 Technologies creates a variety of products for mobile device charging and digital signage. Our Cell Phone Charging Kiosks combine the technology of cell phone charging stations – seen often in malls, hospitals, and airports – with our unique digital signage. Charging Kiosks in public places are a useful service to customers, and digital signage is an opportunity to advertise or share information with patrons while they charge their phones.

All NV3 Charging Kiosks are manufactured and assembled in the United States. We take pride in our unique technology, and all kiosks are custom built to order. Learn more about our charging solutions and digital signage offerings, or explore our Kiosk by Industry section and see how our customers have made their NV3 cell phone charging and signage solutions a success.