“Our obsession for beautiful and meaningful work drives us forward every single day”

Meet the NV3 Team

NV3 Technologies is committed to excellence, and that starts with our team of innovators.


Ryan Doak

Chief Executive Officer

Company Founder and CEO Ryan Doak built NV3 Technologies from the ground up with his business partner, Scott Calhoun.  As CEO, Doak sets NV3’s goals and keeps everything running smoothly.  “I am responsible for the company as a whole,” he says with a laugh.  “I monitor where we are financially and make sure all processes and protocol are followed.”  The job requires Doak to take every angle, to attend tradeshows, field phone calls, and keep a dialogue with NV3’s employees.  Each new week begins with a company-wide discussion headed by Doak and Calhoun, allowing them to witness every aspect of NV3’s growth and needs.  This is the part of his job Doak most enjoys.  “I love seeing NV3 develop, and I love seeing how a variety of different companies use our technology,” he says.  This love of involvement is exactly why Doak created NV3.  “Anyone who starts their own business does it for the freedom of entrepreneurship.  I wanted to be in charge of my own destiny.” Show/Hide


Scott Calhoun

Chief Operating Officer

Company Founder and COO Scott Calhoun can often be found in the manufacturing area of NV3 Technologies, where he keeps a close eye on the kiosk-building process, answering questions and working with his team to implement new technology.  He does this in addition to managing NV3’s supply chain and budget.  It’s a job that requires organization and planning, as well as quick thinking and a strong engineering background.  When he first went into business for himself, it was because he knew he could make a better product by thinking outside the box and rejecting what other cell phone charging companies were doing at the time.  Now that creative mindset is giving NV3 a competitive edge. Calhoun talks about NV3’s future with absolute confidence.  “We’re going to be the next Apple,” he says.  “We create and we support what we create.” Show/Hide


Jacob Peery

Operations and Financial Manager

Jake Peery is NV3’s Operations and Financial Manager, and has worked for NV3 Technologies in different capacities since 2010.  As a Manager for NV3, his job is to oversee sales and assembly operations in order to make sure all stages of NV3’s production run smoothly.  “It’s definitely a job where you learn from experience,” Peery says.  “As far as the financial side, being a Finance Major in college prepared me for all the work I do with numbers, but it’s NV3 that taught me to build business relationships with clients, and now that I’m fully immersed in Sales and Customer Service, I’ve learned a great deal.”  Working at NV3 has meant the development of multiple skills, and Peery says that this is his favorite part of his job.  “I get to wear a lot of different hats,” he says.  “I don’t sit down at my desk and perform only one task–I get to do many different things in a day.”

Tim Treman

Director of Business Development

Tim Treman is NV3’s Director of Business Development.  He brings over fifteen years of experience to NV3.  He has worked in the Software/Technology and Trade Show and Financial Services industries, and now joins NV3 Technologies as a leader in sales and partnership creation and enhancement.  “Once I understood NV3’s unique product and saw that they were building something special from the ground up, I came on board,” says Treman.  “I’ve been challenged helping potential customers move their thinking from the traditional methods of advertising to our unique advertising offering.” Treman explains that sharing NV3’s goals with customers is the most rewarding part of his job.  “I love telling the story about who we are and what we are doing.”


Frank Sladko

Production Manager

Frank Sladko is NV3’s Production Manager.  Sladko focuses on the technical aspects of kiosk creation.  “I build the kiosks, troubleshoot, and do repairs,” says Sladko.  The job requires a diverse skillset and the kind of knowledge base that Sladko, who has worked in facility management and technical maintenance for the past thirty years, can bring to the table.  The job requires everything from soldering skills to circuit board repair.  Sladko relates his favorite part of production management in all seriousness. “Everything,” he says, not missing a beat.  “I love my job.”  He explains that the real difficulty is getting up to speed with NV3’s processes, but that he looks forward to making the company thrive.



Independent Sales Reps

Tim Mack

Greater Chicago Area

Tim Mack works for NV3 in business development.  He interacts with customers, providing information about the products NV3 Technologies creates and their diverse capabilities. “My job is to listen to the customer and find out how we can benefit them, all while developing a relationship and making them more comfortable with our company,” Mack says.  Mack was Co-Founder of Milo Media in 2005.  Mack joined the NV3 team out of enthusiasm for the digital signage and charging capabilities of NV3’s charging kiosks.  “My favorite part of my job is the challenge,” Mack relates.  “I love meeting a customer for the first time and getting them to the point where they are as excited about our products as I am.”


Patrick Wagner

Las Vegas

Patrick Wagner is NV3’s Sales Manager in Las Vegas, and has worked for NV3 Technologies since 2011.  He began his career as NV3’s Production Manager, and since broadened the scope of his job to “Everything from sales to product delivery to implementation of the product,” says Wagner. “I also work in new customer acquisition, emphasizing online and offline marketing strategies.  It’s a mixed bag.”  His work allows him to experiment, as well.  “You have to be proactive and ambitious in order to do what we do,” he continues.  “There’s constant change in technology, and it makes every day a new adventure.”  Now Wagner has limited his sphere to sales work, keeping in contact with clients and working with them to meet their needs. “We’re keeping the younger generation connected with products made in the USA, and we’re passionate about building productive relationships with clients, partners, and team members.”