General Questions

Where are you located?

NV3 Technologies is a Baltimore based company.  Our address and loading dock address are listed on our Contact Us page, here.

How do I contact you?
We welcome all questions regarding our Charging Kiosks and Digital Signage options.  Contact us by phone at (410) 394-5500 or fill out our web form on our Contact Us page, here.
How are the units shipped?
All units are shipped via our freight company on a pallet. This ensures they are not damaged in the shipping process.
Will NV3 sell units outside of the USA?
Yes, we have sold units all across North America, and we have customers in South America and Africa as well. We will sell units to any customer regardless of location.

Kiosk Options

What are my options for displaying screen content?
Most customers choose our HD media player.  This comes standard on most of our units.  It is a simple player, best described as “plug and play.”  Customers plug in a USB flash drive in order to upload up to 4GB of images or video to the player.  We recommend using a PC computer rather than a Mac to upload content to the flash drive.  Once content is uploaded, the user plugs the flash drive into the HD media player.  Screen content will play automatically when the kiosk is plugged in.  There are various settings to control the time between each slide (ex. 5, 10, 15 seconds).

There are several other options for digital signage as well.  Many of our customers need to remotely manage kiosk content but may not want to invest a lot of time into designing and managing what plays on their kiosk screens.  Our Mediabox allows customers to stream content wirelessly to the screen.  To learn more about our different signage options, read our Digital Signage section or contact a sales representative.

What are my options for installing/mounting a kiosk?
Our full size kiosks are extremely stable, and generally do not require any additional items for installation. The NTC-1912 (Desktop Unit) and NTC-3212, given their smaller size, come with a couple of different installation options. We offer add-ons such as wall mounting brackets, tabletop bases, and pedestal stands.
How do I customize my kiosks?
We are happy to speak with you about your options before you purchase.  Ordering through a sales representative may be the option that is right for you, especially if you have concerns about customization.  If you have a special request for your kiosk that is not offered on the website, call us at (410) 394-5500.  We try to accommodate such requests, and we are happy to discuss possibilities for customization beyond what is advertised.
What are my vending options?
We can customize kiosks to accept either cash or credit cards. It is important to note that we do not offer a combination of credit card and cash vending. Your sales representative can help you decide which type of vending would better suit your needs. Also note that kiosks cannot be converted from free-to-use to vending, or from vending to free-to-use, as this would require substantial labor tantamount to rebuilding the kiosk.
How much do the units weigh?
The weight depends on the unit.  The NTC-1912 (Desktop Unit) weighs between 40-50 pounds depending on which options are included.  The NTC-32 (Large Kiosk) has a starting weight of 150 pounds and can weigh nearly 200 pounds depending on screen size and whether the kiosk has more than one screen.
What is the turnaround time for an NV3 kiosk?
Typical turnaround time is 30-45 days. Non-specialty units can be rush ordered.

Kiosk Capabilities

How does the charging technology work?
NV3’s charging technology is unique.  We provide out clients with a fully customized, patent pending charging board.  The charging board identifies how many milliamps (mA) each device needs in order to charge.  The charging board then sends that amperage through the charging plug to the device.  Each charging board comes standard with 12 charging ports from which data can be pulled to assist in providing monthly or weekly stats.  Or technology records how many times each plug has been used and for how long.
What is the duration that the kiosk charges phones?
Most NV3 charging boards are programmed  for a 60 minute charge cycle. We have found that with the 15 or 30 minute charge option, patrons expect their devices to be completely charged, even though that service was solely intended to give an emergency boost of power. In order to give your patrons exactly what they expect, we recommend a 60 minute charge time.
What devices will the Cell Phone Charging Kiosks charge?
All units come standard with the same charging components. Our charging technology charges devices that require either iPhone cables or Micro cables, including tablets. Ours kiosks support almost all mobile phones, iPads/iPods, tablets, cameras (such as GoPro), and any other device that utilizes an iPhone 4, iPhone 5, or Micro USB cable.
What separates NV3 from its competitors?

All of NV3’s products are manufactured in the United States.  We are a Baltimore based company, and we use local suppliers in Maryland to support small business.  Our product is one of a kind.  We created the technology ourselves, and no other company provides the opportunity for digital displays and phone charging in one machine.

What if a charging cable breaks?
Unfortunately, sometimes patrons will be more aggressive than necessary while using the kiosk. However, charging cables are easy to replace. Unscrew 2 phillips screws from inside the kiosk, unplug the faulty cable, and plug in the new cable.