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Baltimore (May 10, 2011) – Today from its headquarters in Baltimore’s Emerging Technology Center, NV3 Technologies (NV3) announced that it will deploy its state-of-the-LCD Touchscreen Kiosks and digital signage in both the Baltimore Visitor and Convention Centers, respectively, as part of Visit Baltimore’s 2011 Festive Summer agenda.

The initial deployment, scheduled for later this spring, will include at least four of NV3’s LCD Touchscreen Kiosks, and ten customized, HD LCDs – each of which is powered by an NV3 mediaBOX media player. In addition, NV3 has installed a new projection solution that will utilize laser technology as well as advanced programming software, which between showings of the Visit Baltimore movie will play a custom-built intermission that shares information on upcoming festivals and the newly released iPad app for Visit Baltimore.

Visit Baltimore is the official marketing organization that drives the City’s economic growth through the attraction of convention, group and leisure visitors. Tom Noonan, president and CEO of Visit Baltimore, noted that, “The next six months mark a milestone period for Baltimore as a destination, and we look forward to kicking off new a chapter in our history with events like the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four, the 136th Running of the Preakness Stakes and the inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix. In NV3 Technologies, we have found a local partner that helps us provide the City’s guests with the utmost convenience, service and quality.”

NV3 (www.NV3Tech.com) develops and manufactures interactive media and custom digital signage, kiosks, and next-generation information displays that answer both a consumer need for convenient, mobile phone charging while "on-the-go", as well as the means for companies to interact directly with captive audiences. Touchscreen, LCD, cell phone charging kiosks, coupled with web-based streaming content management solutions, comprise NV3’s flagship portfolio.

“The driving principle behind NV3 is providing an easy-to-use, customer-friendly option for organizations to help companies growth their business by interacting directly with captive audiences. In addition, the ability to charge a cell-phone while in a hospital waiting room, restaurant, hotel, airport or other public venue is tremendous, everyday value-add. We are proud that our offerings not only provide a valuable service, but also a cost-effective medium that supports businesses growth across various markets,” said Ryan Doak, managing partner, NV3 Technologies.

PIVnet Interactive Internet Services, headquartered in Timonium, MD, is also an NV3 customer as well as a nationally recognized leader in web-based consumer marketing. The company’s innovative in-store digital information display system, Dealership Connect, is powered by NV3 Technologies and enables its Automotive Dealership clientele to stream constant, customized marketing messages directly to their onsite customers.

Also of note is that NV3 recently reported more than 300% increase in its revenue since its 2008 launch.

Visit Baltimore – the official sales and marketing organization for Baltimore that generates economic benefits for stakeholders through the attraction of convention, group and leisure visitors.

For more information, visit www.baltimore.org.

NV3 is a global provider of interactive media, and a custom manufacturer of digital signage, kiosks, and next generation information displays. The company’s solutions are deployed in various locations across the Country. NV3’s 25,000 square-foot facility enables their fabricators and engineering teams to design, manufacture and deploy a variety of digital media, distributed content, interactive and customizable kiosks solutions for any venue.

For additional information, please visit www.NV3Tech.com.


Way Finding LCD Kiosk


The Case For Cell Phone-Charging Kiosks

Just a few short years ago, a cell phone was just that: a cell phone.
If you had one (and not everyone did), you used it to make calls
and not much more. With such limited use, battery power generally
was not an issue. Every few days you plugged in the phone and kept an
eye on the bars in the interim.
Now, however, phones have such diverse functionality that actually
talking on them is a secondary use for some people. Smartphones, as
the new generation of mobile devices are called, can host thousands of
applications, each of them another drain on the battery, especially where
connecting to the Internet via a 3G network and taking photographs are
concerned. The latest generation of iPhone has some users complaining
that a full charge won’t last an entire
day. Throw in watching videos,
taking videos and listening to MP3s,
and invariably a user will be shut
down when his charging cord is
miles away at the home or office.

The Case For Cell-Phone Kiosks (PDF)


Digital Signage Software Overview

[stream flv=x:/www.nuvollc.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/nuvodemo2.flv width=400 height=224 img=x:/www.nuvollc.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/digitalsignagethumb-300x199.jpg bandwidth=med title=Digital Signage Software Overview volume=90 skin=default/]

Imagine incorporating live news feeds, video, Flash movies, weather, sports scores, stock ticker, or even live T.V., all on one screen.  Our software allows for flexibility, with an easy to use drag and drop interface.  Nuvo Technologies’ creative service department can develop custom apps for you business needs.  Competitively priced at only $30 a month.  If the video does not appear, please click on the heading.


Government Expo 2008


Every year in our nation’s capital, the Government Video Conference Program at the GV Expo provides an educational forum for discussing video, AV, multimedia, broadcast, and other communication technologies. From new technologies, to management issues, the program examines timely topics that are important to our industry.

Now in its 11th year, the Government Video Technology Expo has become the place to find equipment and educational tools of professionals working with video, audio, multimedia, conferencing technologies and broadcast in the federal, state and local government, as well as those in law enforcement, education, religion and the non-profit sector.

Nuvo Digital Signage will be on display with the Public Charging Kiosk.


International Hotel Motel & Restaurant Show


We have just returned from, the very successful, International Hotel and Restaurant Show in New York City.  Many thanks to Jean-Philippe and his group at Garnier-Thiebaut.  We arrive at the show on Friday and placed the Public Charging Kiosk hosted by Cellular Solutions.  The station was completely customized for as you can see from the enclosed photos.  Many attendees of the show were unfamiliar with the product, but were amazed by at the ability to charge their PDA’s while delivering product information on Garnier-Thiebaut.  The cell phone charging kiosk was a huge hit with all of the exhibitors that forgot their chargers.  So, if you’re looking for a unique, cutting edge kiosk to attract attendees to your booth, we have just the thing.  The interest in the kiosk ranged from resorts, airports, convention centers, to campgrounds.  When the attendees saw how easy it was to change the media content they were blown away.  Many responses were “I can’t believe it is that easy”, and “wow! That is great”.