In June of 2008, two gentlemen met at a popular Canton bar/restaurant located in Baltimore City. Mr. Calhoun was looking to market a new type of kiosk design that charged cell phones while providing (DOOH) digital out-of-home media on a 17” LCD screen to a captive audience. Mr. Doak, at the time, was the President of a highly successful marketing and business/software development company called Digital Matrix Studio. Two years prior, Mr. Calhoun was in the research and development stages of his company called Cellular Solutions. He helped in the production and engineering of the first “Cell Phone Charging Kiosk” for the North American Market. During the meeting, an immerging issue of deploying content remotely would soon be resolved by a solution provided by Mr. Doak’s expertise. At the time, content was loaded on a compact flash or hard drive and played in a file library coded on a chip powered by a small circuit board. The missing puzzle piece to the kiosk was being able to manage the content remotely to one or all “Charging Kiosks” in the field. One year later, the two would create a company called Nuvo Digital Signage transitioning into NV3 Technologies by the beginning of 2010. Mr. Calhoun explains, “NV3 Technologies was created by combining all three companies into one successful and innovative entity. We took our sweat equity from our past business ventures and fine tuned our products, putting everything under one roof.” Mr. Doak concludes that “NV3 Technologies can provide an affordable price point through our reseller programs because we manufacture our own equipment including custom built solutions based on our clients’ needs.” Mr. Doak and Mr. Calhoun are currently working with several Media and Advertising firms deploying a network through their reseller programs. Their client list includes Toyota, Herman Memorial Hospital and United Airlines to just name a few.


Number of Cell Phones Worldwide Hits 4.6B

(AP) The number of mobile phone subscriptions worldwide has reached 4.6 billion and is expected to increase to five billion this year, the U.N. telecommunications agency said Monday.

Mobile phone providers in rich countries offer advanced services and handsets, while people in developing countries increasingly use the mobile phone for health services and banking, said the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

“Even during an economic crisis, we have seen no drop in the demand for communications services,” said the agency’s Secretary-General Hamadoun Toure.

“The simplest, low-end mobile phone can do so much to improve health care in the developing world,” Toure said in a statement, citing examples of patients receiving reminder messages on their mobile phone ahead of a medical appointment or text messages instructing them how to take complex medication.

The number of mobile broadband subscriptions worldwide is expected to exceed one billion this year, the agency said. There were around 600 million such subscriptions at the end of 2009, it added.

Web access by people on the move, including through laptops and smart mobile devices, will probably surpass web access from desktop computers within the next five years, the agency said.


New Models New Year

We have been as busy as little elves here at Nuvo Tech. As I sit here on Christmas Eve in the snow covered mountains of Vermont I reflect on a great year at Nuvo Technologies. As you can see there has not been a post for some time on our blog. There are many reasons to this but mainly we have been very busy perfecting what most said could not be done. Scott and I have spent a lot of time redesigning the kiosk to incorporate all of the features that clients want. This took time in research, design travel and development. We have set up a full production line that is capable of manufacturing some simply amazing charging kiosks. They have been under cover on our website but we do have a brochure that is available to serious customers. We have also launched our new media player that has enhanced cooling and we will be releasing a new set of video drivers that enhance the 1080 flash video. We look forward to 2010 as we have some great things planned for first quarter. Merry Christmas


The Case For Cell Phone-Charging Kiosks

Just a few short years ago, a cell phone was just that: a cell phone.
If you had one (and not everyone did), you used it to make calls
and not much more. With such limited use, battery power generally
was not an issue. Every few days you plugged in the phone and kept an
eye on the bars in the interim.
Now, however, phones have such diverse functionality that actually
talking on them is a secondary use for some people. Smartphones, as
the new generation of mobile devices are called, can host thousands of
applications, each of them another drain on the battery, especially where
connecting to the Internet via a 3G network and taking photographs are
concerned. The latest generation of iPhone has some users complaining
that a full charge won’t last an entire
day. Throw in watching videos,
taking videos and listening to MP3s,
and invariably a user will be shut
down when his charging cord is
miles away at the home or office.

The Case For Cell-Phone Kiosks (PDF)


Government Expo 2008


Every year in our nation’s capital, the Government Video Conference Program at the GV Expo provides an educational forum for discussing video, AV, multimedia, broadcast, and other communication technologies. From new technologies, to management issues, the program examines timely topics that are important to our industry.

Now in its 11th year, the Government Video Technology Expo has become the place to find equipment and educational tools of professionals working with video, audio, multimedia, conferencing technologies and broadcast in the federal, state and local government, as well as those in law enforcement, education, religion and the non-profit sector.

Nuvo Digital Signage will be on display with the Public Charging Kiosk.


International Hotel Motel & Restaurant Show


We have just returned from, the very successful, International Hotel and Restaurant Show in New York City.  Many thanks to Jean-Philippe and his group at Garnier-Thiebaut.  We arrive at the show on Friday and placed the Public Charging Kiosk hosted by Cellular Solutions.  The station was completely customized for as you can see from the enclosed photos.  Many attendees of the show were unfamiliar with the product, but were amazed by at the ability to charge their PDA’s while delivering product information on Garnier-Thiebaut.  The cell phone charging kiosk was a huge hit with all of the exhibitors that forgot their chargers.  So, if you’re looking for a unique, cutting edge kiosk to attract attendees to your booth, we have just the thing.  The interest in the kiosk ranged from resorts, airports, convention centers, to campgrounds.  When the attendees saw how easy it was to change the media content they were blown away.  Many responses were “I can’t believe it is that easy”, and “wow! That is great”.