The Case For Cell Phone-Charging Kiosks

Just a few short years ago, a cell phone was just that: a cell phone.
If you had one (and not everyone did), you used it to make calls
and not much more. With such limited use, battery power generally
was not an issue. Every few days you plugged in the phone and kept an
eye on the bars in the interim.
Now, however, phones have such diverse functionality that actually
talking on them is a secondary use for some people. Smartphones, as
the new generation of mobile devices are called, can host thousands of
applications, each of them another drain on the battery, especially where
connecting to the Internet via a 3G network and taking photographs are
concerned. The latest generation of iPhone has some users complaining
that a full charge won’t last an entire
day. Throw in watching videos,
taking videos and listening to MP3s,
and invariably a user will be shut
down when his charging cord is
miles away at the home or office.

The Case For Cell-Phone Kiosks (PDF)