Customers can relax in a restaurant that provides cell phone charging with NV3.  Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs have all found NV3’s Cell Phone Charging Kiosk to be an excellent service, allowing customers to charge their cell phones or other devices while they sit down and have a coffee, drink, or meal.  Customers will be delighted to recharge their batteries after a long day of sightseeing, shopping, or just living life.

Bar and Restaurant Customers Sit Back and Relax with Cell Phone Charging Kiosks

Josh Brehm speaks about his own experience with Cell Phone Charging Kiosks in bars and restaurants.  “Everyone loved it.  It was always used,” he says about one model placed in a bar.  Customers will always need cell phones, whether to receive calls from a late member of the party, or to look up directions to the next stop for the evening.  A Cell Phone Charging Kiosk keeps everything running smoothly.  NV3’ kiosks also include Digital Signage.  Signage can be programmed to display anything from advertisements to restaurant specials.  This handy tool in combination with the kiosk’s charging capabilities make NV3’s Cell Phone Charging Kiosk a perfect fit for any establishment.

There are many options for creating profit. The Digital Signage is an opportunity for ad revenue, and many restaurants and bars chose pay-to-use kiosk models. Charging Kiosks come in a variety of sizes, and NV3 Technologies also provides different levels of Digital Signage in order to meet every customer’s needs. Tabletop NTC-1912 Kiosks fit on a desk, wall mount, or pedestal stand, and are best for facilities with limited space. The Large NTC-32 Kiosk is better suited for lobbies or other public areas where the kiosk’s eye-catching LED screen can be put to good use. And the Thin NTC-3212 Kiosk combines the larger screen of the Large Kiosk with the small, wall mountable design of the Tabletop model. Investigate all NV3 has to offer and see exactly which Charging Kiosk is right for you.