MD Tech Crawl launches Tech Crawl East September 16th 2010

Tech Crawl East is an expansion off of Maryland Tech Crawl 2009 which was incredibly successful with over 200 attendees, 20 companies and over 20 investors. We were so excied by the success and the satisfaction of the attendees, that we decided to open the event up to the entire East Coast. Tech Crawl East will be held in Baltimore on September 16th at the new Morgan Stanley building in Fells Point from 5-9PM and give top tech companies from Maine down to Florida a chance to pitch the best local angels and venture capital firms. The primary goal of a Tech Crawl is to support the growth of technology companies with an annual event where, year after year, companies will return with new and exciting products and services. We aim to host this event each year in Baltimore and further the growth of Baltimore City as a recognized Technology Hub.

What is unique about the Tech Crawl is the 60 second pitch. The 60 second pitch is required of all companies attending Tech Crawl East. It is an effective way for entrepreneurs to quickly communicate their business model to hundreds of investors, media and other technologists in one evening. Investors benefit from the opportunity to hear a 60 second pitch as it allows them the opportunity to meet with all of the presenting tech companies at the event. All one needs to do is step up to a home plate at each company’s table to be served a pitch.

A note about the founders: Tech Crawl East was launched by Baltimore-based entrepreneurs running technology companies. The founding team has been for some time seeking an opportunity to demo and present new products and came up with the crawl and 60 second pitch as a great way to meet this need and ignite new partnerships within the East Coast technology community.

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