How can text marketing be used to promote your product or service?

A hair stylist sits in the salon awaiting the next appointment and they never show. A few days later the customer calls in and says I completely forgot about my appointment. Solution: Have the salon signup with a txt messaging system that will send out interactive reminders. The stylist can send a message to the customers and ask them to reply with A) I will be there. B) I need to reschedule
You can also begin grabbing unique info such as, hair color for targeting specific clientele to market a new product line.

This is also a great system for Doctor offices or any establishment that requires an appointment.

Promotions: We have implemented the system into a local bar called Bay Cafe that allows patrons to text-in and join the list to be notified of specials and current events. Radio Stations love the idea of texting for promotions as well.

TXT to Screen: So you want to get everyone involved. Our system will allow you to send a text displaying on a large LCD screen. View it as a large whiteboard fused with Twittering.  Imagine digitally graffiti on the side of a building or any size projector screen, but easily removable. This is just one of the many apps that we offer in our digital signage software called Nuvo DS for short. Our platform is very similar to the Iphone.  We can customize an application that is customer specific and pull it into our dashboard to be utilized with our online program. That app can then be loaded and display on any LCD screen in the world or a network of screens in one/several geographical area(s).

TV Stations: Does your local TV station want to do live polls. We can have people text-in and show the results in real time on live TV.

To see a short animation and/or signup, go to: www.nuvollc.com

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