New Models New Year

We have been as busy as little elves here at Nuvo Tech. As I sit here on Christmas Eve in the snow covered mountains of Vermont I reflect on a great year at Nuvo Technologies. As you can see there has not been a post for some time on our blog. There are many reasons to this but mainly we have been very busy perfecting what most said could not be done. Scott and I have spent a lot of time redesigning the kiosk to incorporate all of the features that clients want. This took time in research, design travel and development. We have set up a full production line that is capable of manufacturing some simply amazing charging kiosks. They have been under cover on our website but we do have a brochure that is available to serious customers. We have also launched our new media player that has enhanced cooling and we will be releasing a new set of video drivers that enhance the 1080 flash video. We look forward to 2010 as we have some great things planned for first quarter. Merry Christmas

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