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New Name Reflects Focus on Charging Kiosks,
Digital Signage, Digital Information Displays

BALTIMORE, MD (2/24/10) — Baltimore-based Nuvo announced today that it has renamed itself NV3 Technologies.

“The new name reflects the fact that we are the only company that brings three key functions – cell phone charging kiosks, LCD screens for digital information displays (DID), and digital signage software – all under one roof,” explains NV3 Managing Partner Ryan Doak.

According to Doak, NV3’s charging kiosks are capable of charging 95% of all mobile phones in 15 minutes or less. “This can be a tremendous resource for hotels, convention centers, and airports, providing visitors with an alternative source of power that allows them to stay connected with clients, co-workers, or friends and family members,” he notes.

This is particularly important when you consider that smart phones can now host thousands of applications, each of which potentially represents another drain on the life of the device’s battery.

“The latest generation of iPhones has some users complaining that a full charge won’t last an entire day,” says Doak’s Business Partner Scott Calhoun. “Throw in watching videos or listening to MP3s, and invariably a user will be shut down when his charger is miles away at the home or office.”

This will become increasingly important as smart phones add even more apps and mobile operators move to implement a cross-industry standard for a universal charger. Last year, the mobile industry set a goal of making a universal charging solution available worldwide by 2012 – a goal that has already been accomplished in parts of Asia.

Beyond phone charging, NV3 kiosks can be used to carry dynamic multimedia messages and digital signage. This has proven to be particularly effective when used in hotels (for lobby wayfinding systems, room and event schedules, and guest check-ins); transit (for arrival/departure and weather/news displays, as well as ticketing, check-in, and wayfinding systems); restaurants (for electronic menu boards and self-service food ordering); and banks (for waiting area displays, product information, and transactional kiosks).

To celebrate its new products, NV3 Technologies has unveiled a new logo and website, both of which will be on full display when the company presents at the prestigious KioskCom and Digital Signage Conference, to be held in Las Vegas April 13-15.

For more information about NV3 Technologies, contact the company at 410-394-5500 or visit its website at www.NV3tech.com.

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