In June of 2008, two gentlemen met at a popular Canton bar/restaurant located in Baltimore City. Mr. Calhoun was looking to market a new type of kiosk design that charged cell phones while providing (DOOH) digital out-of-home media on a 17” LCD screen to a captive audience. Mr. Doak, at the time, was the President of a highly successful marketing and business/software development company called Digital Matrix Studio. Two years prior, Mr. Calhoun was in the research and development stages of his company called Cellular Solutions. He helped in the production and engineering of the first “Cell Phone Charging Kiosk” for the North American Market. During the meeting, an immerging issue of deploying content remotely would soon be resolved by a solution provided by Mr. Doak’s expertise. At the time, content was loaded on a compact flash or hard drive and played in a file library coded on a chip powered by a small circuit board. The missing puzzle piece to the kiosk was being able to manage the content remotely to one or all “Charging Kiosks” in the field. One year later, the two would create a company called Nuvo Digital Signage transitioning into NV3 Technologies by the beginning of 2010. Mr. Calhoun explains, “NV3 Technologies was created by combining all three companies into one successful and innovative entity. We took our sweat equity from our past business ventures and fine tuned our products, putting everything under one roof.” Mr. Doak concludes that “NV3 Technologies can provide an affordable price point through our reseller programs because we manufacture our own equipment including custom built solutions based on our clients’ needs.” Mr. Doak and Mr. Calhoun are currently working with several Media and Advertising firms deploying a network through their reseller programs. Their client list includes Toyota, Herman Memorial Hospital and United Airlines to just name a few.

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