Charging Table

Four inches shy of four feet tall and almost three feet around, the High Top Charging Table is equipped with USB ports, A/C outlets, and industrial cables that provide charging for most popular smartphones and tablets. A tempered glass-topped table with safe, efficient charging technology built right in is a convenient solution that keeps patrons connected in a variety of settings.

Other Kiosks

Wall Mountable

medstar3212Mounted on a wall, this thin NV3 kiosk is an ideal choice for those who want to make a big impression within limited space.


The versatile NTC-1912 is great for areas with space limitations. The unit can sit on top of a bar, table, counter, desk, or other reliable surface, and it can also be mounted on a wall if purchased with the optional wall-mount system.

Floor Standing

A floor standing kiosk that makes a big splash, the 42-inch HD LED screen offers vast possibilities for marketing, advertising, and interactive applications that will truly engage customers.


Solar Kiosk at Hershey ParkWe use the sun’s energy to supply power to mobile device charging kiosks and trailers, which can enhance any business that is looking for a greener solution to the need for on-the-go charging.


trailer 12Trailers are great for festivals and other outdoor events, as well as emergency and disaster relief situations. They are a noticeable presence with the ability to display crucial information.

Charging Locker

The Charging Locker is a safe secure solution that’s easy for users and effective for marketing purposes. The locker configuration is customizable to meet the specific needs of any business model.