No Juice Jacking With NV3


Perhaps you’ve seen the recent episode of CSI: Cyber about juice jacking, or the brief snippet CBS has posted online, and have some concerns about whether to purchase a mobile device charging kiosk for customer use. Perhaps your customers have been exposed to the alarming idea that data can be stolen from their phones while plugged into a public charging station. We here at NV3 would like to clear up your concerns and let you know that there is NO CHANCE for juice jacking when using an NV3 kiosk. Our cables function with the sole purpose of charging devices, and the kiosk is able to be opened only by a key that the business owner keeps on hand for the purpose of replacing charging cables when needed.

In the video below, Ryan gives an overview of what juice jacking is, and why NV3 is the right choice when it comes to charging stations in public places.

Is My Data Safe?

Absolutely! Data can be accidentally exchanged when a device is plugged into some public charging stations; those stations can also be manipulated to purposely collect data from devices while they charge. Juice jacking is a real threat.

NV3’s charging technology, however, leaves absolutely no chance for juice jacking. Every USB cable has 4 ports - 2 to transfer power, 1 for sending data, and 1 for receiving data. Within our units, the data ports are not connected. The only ports of the charging cables in NV3 charging stations that are used during the charging process are the ports that actually do the charging.

Our charging units simply provide power. There is no way for data to be transferred from phones to the board, as there is no physical connection. With an NV3 kiosk in place, your customers can plug in with certainty that their data will be untouched.

How About Batteries?

NV3’s charging technology is designed to sense when the battery is full and end the charging process. Imagine this: When you flush the toilet, it empties and then the tank fills up. You can walk out of the bathroom without worrying about the water overflowing and following you. It’s built to do that. It senses when the tank is full and cuts off the water flow.

Our charging technology works the same way. When your battery is full, the board senses that and stops charging. So you’ll never walk away with an overcharged, damaged battery. Lots of other USB hubs allow batteries to overcharge, which will permanently damage the batteries and even the phones themselves over time. Keep that in mind when you’re deciding whether to plug in or not.

Safety First

The safety of our customers (and their customers) is of utmost concern to us here at NV3. Please contact us if you have any other issues or concerns, but hopefully this clears up the question of whether kiosk users should be afraid to plug into our units. They absolutely should not. A safe, efficient charge is our highest priority when it comes to our kiosks.

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