A Day in the Life


Well, I haven’t posted anything new lately about what’s going on in the world of NV3. This is probably going to be a bunch of random stuff, but I hope it helps give you a little glimpse into a day in the life of NV3 Technologies.

Tim, one of our sales reps, has taken a job offer from another company and won’t be with us here anymore. We’ll miss him, but we wish him all the best in his new endeavor and wherever his road leads in the future.

Scott has been a dad for a little over a month now, and he is loving the experience! He and his wife Jen welcomed 4-pound, 15-ounce Camdyn Paige Calhoun into the world on the second of September, and she stole their hearts immediately. It’s a big change for Scott – learning the parenting ropes with Jen and juggling that with his role as Chief Operating Officer of NV3 – but he is up for the challenge and thriving in both areas. She’s just adorable, isn’t she?!

We had a team meeting recently and I know we all appreciate the effort Ryan as our Chief Executive Officer put into the presentation and all of the details. We discussed the goals of NV3 as a company, as well as individual goals we each have, so that we all know what we’re striving toward every day as we do our jobs. Ryan also emphasized the importance of working as a team. I suppose every company could benefit from that advice, but being the newest employee here at NV3, I think the guys do a pretty good job with the whole team thing already. I felt accepted right away, and they’re great about answering questions and helping me (and everyone else) out when needed. Everybody has their own part to play, and the job gets done best when we all work together.

This is a great place to “work” – and I say it in quotes because there are days where I sit at my desk and do all the things I’m supposed to do on a day-to-day basis, and at the end of the day I don’t feel like I’ve really worked at all. That’s what it’s like when your job is fun and you get to do a variety of things that you like doing instead of just one.

Frank, our Production Manager (and also my dad!), said it best. When asked what his favorite thing is about his job, he answered, “Everything. I love my job.” Jake, our Operations and Financial Manager, has a similar feeling toward the multiple skills he’s developed during his years here. “I get to wear a lot of different hats,” he says. “I don’t sit down at my desk and perform only one task – I get to do many different things in a day.”

Frank and Jake are both pretty involved in the manufacturing aspect of things here, where kiosks are being built and tested like mad right now and shipped to their new homes. We love the excitement that surrounds project-builds and shipments.

(I like the shipping part too, because on those days I get to hold the door while the pallets are rolled out to the truck, and I love those couple minutes of fresh air… although I probably won’t feel the same in the next few months when that air is not only fresh but also freezing cold and potentially filled with snow flakes – but let’s not go there just yet.)

At NV3, it’s the whole process that we enjoy:

  • the initial contact with our customers to get a feel for who they are and what they do;
  • the moment they realize that we can help them achieve their goals, whatever those goals might be;
  • the time we spend soldering and painting and making sure every nut and bolt fits just right;
  • the designing of custom vinyl wraps that represent each individual company, and then the actual wrapping of the units and picturing how they will look finished and on-location;
  • the setting up of whatever digital signage packages the customers choose;
  • and finally, being able to see our products – which we designed and built right here in the USA – doing their job of charging devices and providing an easy avenue for marketing and advertising for our customers.

It’s what we do. It’s where our passion is. Finding out exactly what our customers are looking for, and then making it happen – that’s the bottom line here at NV3. What you want – as far as device charging and digital signage – is what you will get.

Well, that’s what happening at NV3 right now in a nutshell. Except I forgot to mention our periodic little pseudo-fights with these guys:

And the great postseason Orioles party (WOO HOO for an ALDS sweep!! ALCS here we come!) we had at lunchtime the other day:

And the maple bacon cookies my husband made and I brought in one morning recently - they were a hit, can you tell?

So that’s us, and those are just a few of the ways we have fun while we work every day to help the world stay connected.


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