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NV3 Technologies has a history of success with its Cell Phone Charging Kiosks, and NV3’s Cell Phone Charging Trailers have proven to be equally successful. They are fully customizable; the newest trailer model features 48 charging cables on each side, which are powered by flexible solar panels fixed to the trailer’s roof. The panels will provide 24 hours of power and provide a clean energy solution for any public event. NV3 is committed to improvement and excellence, and listens to the exact needs of customers in order to create the best cell phone charging product. NV3’s top-of-the-line Cell Phone Charging Trailers are great for fairs, sports or music festivals, and other outdoor events.

After a positive experience renting an earlier model of NV3’s Cell Phone Charging Trailer for the 2013 Richmond Folk Festival, Dominion Virginia Power decided to purchase a solar-powered trailer for use at festival-type events, starting with the Riverrock Festival in May 2014. Paulin Cheatham, Dominion representative, describes the Mobile Phone Charging Trailer as a community service tool. Providing free power to festival patrons allows Dominion to interact with the community. While Riverrock festival-goers biked, climbed, and kayaked, NV3’s Cell Phone Charging Trailer served as a necessary feature for participants who needed to charge their phones but had no chargers or available outlets in the great outdoors. Cheatham calls Dominion’s experience with the trailer a positive one. Dominion Virginia Power was named an EPA Green Power Supplier of the Year in 2013, and NV3’s Mobile Charging Trailer shares that mindset of green energy.

Charging Trailer incorporates public messages

The solar-powered Cell Phone Charging Trailer is twelve feet in length, and in addition to the 96 phone chargers, features two 65” commercial grade monitors and a visual and audio system capable of providing event-specific information, advertisements, or emergency information. NV3’s vision for the mobile charging trailer, solar or otherwise, is one of a multi-purpose tool. The trailer has been used as a public amenity at large outdoor events, but it is portable and versatile enough to adapt to any situation. NV3’s trailers have supplied power to the Richmond Folk Festival, the Riverrock Festival, the Baltimore Grand Prix, and the 2014 Shindig Music Festival, and the trailers are equally equipped to be used in emergency response situations. The digital signage can be customized to display any message, including information regarding power outages or instructions to make the emergency reporting process go more smoothly. The solar-powered trailer is a clean and cost-effective way to provide electricity to a community. The Cell Phone Charging Trailer is an investment that can be wheeled out again and again, in any context.

Any energy company will find a mobile charging trailer to be a welcome addition. The trailers are convenient, clean, and a great solution for large outdoor gatherings, where guests will likely need to charge their phones. Digital signage is an opportunity to provide advertising or information, and therefore can serve as either a money-making tool or a community service, or a combination of the two. NV3’s trailers, like their charging kiosks, adapt to suit the needs of the company.The solar power option makes NV3’s charging trailer truly unique, however. Solar charging cuts down on operating costs. The digital signs are powered by two 250 amp/hour batteries, and the rest is accomplished by solar energy. This makes NV3’s trailer a low emissions choice, and a responsible means of powering phones and other devices.


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