Corporate Offices

For a businessperson, cell phones are everything.  They keep us in touch with clients, our coworkers, and even store our day planners.  To arrive at work only to discover your cell phone is out of charge can ruin a day of productivity.  It is a common occurrence, but it can be avoided by installing a Cell Phone Charging Kiosk in a common area for workers to use.  Your employees will never have to miss a call because of a dead cell phone.

Keep Business Running Smoothly with NV3 Charging Kiosks

NV3 Technologies keeps fully operational Cell Phone Charging Kiosks in the office so we never have to worry. Though the kiosks at our home base are also used for display purposes, employees and visitors to NV3 are welcome to plug in and give phones a quick energy boost.  This helpful amenity makes a difference in the workplace by ensuring that employees have everything they need to work a full, productive day.  The kiosks also incorporate Digital Signage, which is ideal for use as an easy to program public message board.  Employees can view company news and upcoming company events displayed on the kiosk.  Place NV3’s kiosk in a central area to facilitate the spread of vital information while providing a charging service to the company.

Kiosks come in all shapes and sizes, and we encourage you to find the best fit for your company. For facilities with limited space, try the Tabletop NTC-1912 Kiosk. They fit on a desktop, wall mount, or pedestal stand. The Large NTC-32 Kiosk is better suited for lobbies or other public areas where the kiosk’s eye-catching LED screen can be put to good use. And the Thin NTC-3212 Kiosk combines the larger screen of the Large Kiosk with the small, wall mountable design of the Tabletop model.




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