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Mobile device charging is not unique… we get that! Anyone can charge a phone. But no one does it quite like NV3 Technologies. American-made proprietary charging technology (with safe usage-tracking capabilities) combined with unique digital signage keeps the world connected and transforms communication.

Take business to new heights this year with Cell Phone Charging from NV3 Technologies!

To say that the High Top Charging Tables are flying off the shelves would be slightly alarming and a bit inaccurate. The truth is, our customers are discovering the value in bringing charging to the table, and they’re ordering tables almost as fast as we can get them built and ready to go. Here are the guys getting two ready for shipping right this very minute, in fact!

The High Top Charging Table is equipped with 9 industrial charging cables, 6 USB ports, and 3 A/C outlets. It plugs into a standard A/C outlet. Restaurants, bars, food courts, stadiums, even trade shows and conferences are using the High Top Charging Table to enhance their presence and provide a valuable service to patrons.

When looking for an innovative charging solution for your customers, visitors, and guests, look no further than NV3 Technologies. We have a kiosk option to meet every need. The High Top Charging Table, as well as any of our other units, can truly help your business reach new heights. | 410.394.5500


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