The NTC-3212 Takes Business to a Whole New Level


Mobile device charging is not unique… we get that! Anyone can charge a phone. But no one does it quite like NV3 Technologies. American-made proprietary charging technology (with safe usage-tracking capabilities) combined with unique digital signage keeps the world connected and transforms communication.

Take your business to a whole new level this year with Cell Phone Charging and Digital Signage from NV3 Technologies!

The slim, versatile, wall-mountable NTC-3212 is a popular NV3 product that allows you to draw customers in and keep them around long enough to see the message you’re sharing. Up to twelve mobile devices can charge at the same time, and while they’re charging, information splashes across a 32-inch LED screen. General information about your company, details about a new product or service you’re launching, advertisements for local businesses, photos of recent company events - anything that you feel is relevant to your customers (and potential customers) can be displayed. Customers will generally charge their phones for about 15 minutes or so - which does not give a full charge but a quick, emergency power boost - and their attention will be free to focus on whatever info you’re offering. The 3212 either hangs on the wall or gets mounted on a stand, and its slim design makes it the perfect choice for establishments that want to make a big impact while not taking up a large amount of space.

Direct Connect, a local company here in Baltimore, recently purchased 5 wall-mountable NTC-3212 charging kiosks to place in bars and restaurants around the area. They saw the need for mobile device charging around town and found the answer at NV3. The kiosks will be placed within the next month or two, so stay tuned to find out which local spots will soon offer the convenience of cell phone charging kiosks with digital signage.

Visit our website to find out how other companies are using NV3 products to enhance their presence in the business world. Offering cell phone charging to customers may seem like a small thing, but it’s a gesture that leaves a very good impression, and its integration with NV3’s unique digital signage really takes business to a whole new level. | 410.394.5500


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