NV3 provides many options for customers who are interested in placing a Cell Phone Charging Kiosk outside. NV3 has a solar powered kiosk ideal for parks and other areas without easy access to a power outlet. NV3 also provides a portable trailer with multiple LED screens and ninety charging cables, perfect for fairs, outdoor concerts, and other events. Power companies rent or buy our Mobile Charging Trailers for use at local festivals. They are perfect for publicity, and provide a community service as well. Festival-goers flock to the charging trailers in order to keep their phones charged during an all day affair. Without charging service, groups may lose each other in the crowd and not be able to call. What’s more, many people use their phones to take photos and video in order to commemorate fairs or record concerts. A charging kiosk or trailer is an essential amenity for crowded outdoor areas where phones are sure to be in constant use.

Promote Communication and Safety in Festival and Outdoor Settings With Charging Kiosks and Trailers

Cell Phone Charging Kiosks in parks are equally practical. NV3’s solar powered kiosk makes certain that even in forested areas or picnic locations, cell phone charging is still available. Park-goers may need a Cell Phone Charging Kiosk for any number of reasons. If they run out of battery, they may not be able to meet up with a group of friends. In an emergency, help may be delayed if they cannot call right away. NV3’s Cell Phone Charging Kiosks foster communication and promote safety wherever they are located, from festivals to concerts to a walk in the park.

The Cell Phone Charging Kiosk also includes Digital Signage which can be programmed to display anything from advertisements to event or park information.  The kiosk’s dual capability as a charging service and information point make it the ideal choice for crowded festivals or isolated nature trails. NV3 Technologies provides different levels of Digital Signage in order to meet every customer’s needs, and kiosks come in all shapes and sizes. The Solar NSK-10 Kiosk runs 100% on solar power, and is great for wooded areas, trails, and amusement parks. The Mobile Charging Trailer is the favorite choice for festivals and other temporary events. It’s designed to move from venue to venue and offers the best service for crowded areas. Investigate all NV3 has to offer and see exactly which Charging Kiosk is right for you.




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