Benefits of Owning NV3 Products


Over the weekend, I was asked a general question about NV3 that I’m going to begin to answer here in case you’ve ever wondered about it yourself. Check back soon for another post on this topic, because there is more information than I can fit into this one alone.

The question was…

“What is the benefit of owning an NV3 kiosk?”

And it’s a tough one to answer, because so much of it depends on who you are and what your goals consist of, and because there are many benefits, not just one.

One of the benefits of owning a cell phone charging kiosk is that you are able to offer a needed service to your customers - a service that makes them feel appreciated and noticed and cared for beyond the regular scope of your service offerings. There is a post on our blog about customer service and how we at NV3 believe that cell phone charging kiosks can enhance the customer service experience. Here’s a small snippet:

Cell phone charging seems like a small thing. It might seem like an unimportant need, or maybe not like a need at all. The reality is, though, people rely on their phones for almost everything. It’s not just a convenience thing. A lost connection can be devastating. I’m sure you’ve experienced it at some crucial time or another. As a customer, if a business that you frequent offered free cell phone charging (or even asked for a small fee for the charge) would that bump them up on your “Companies That Provide Excellent Customer Service” list? It would bump them up on mine (if I had an actual list like that) for sure. I would feel like my needs (however small or seemingly insignificant) are noticed.

I’m not suggesting that customers will flock to your place of business and sales will soar through the roof just because you have a cell phone charging kiosk from NV3. What I am suggesting, however, is that providing excellent customer service enhances business, and NV3 can help.

I’ll hit on some more benefits of owning NV3 products in our next post, so stay tuned! | 410.394.5500


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