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Last time we focused on the customer service aspect of placing cell phone charging kiosks, and technically that is at the root of most of the scenarios we’re going to focus on. Let’s start with the benefits hospital visitors receive from cell phone charging kiosks placed throughout medical facilities.

Just saying the word “hospital” can bring a wave of anxiety over a person. When faced with a hospital stay as a reality, the stress and fear can be overwhelming. A mobile device charging kiosk can’t take away the worry and concern that hospital visitors face, but it can help.

It’s comforting for hospital patrons to know that they will be able to stay connected with loved ones during difficult health situations.

We interviewed a woman who spent roughly fourteen hours at the University of Maryland Medical Center and relied on NV3’s kiosks to keep herself connected. Erica had never even heard of cell phone charging kiosks, but they helped her (and other visitors during her time there) immensely. Read her story here.

Steve also told us his amazing story of how an NV3 kiosk allowed his family to stay connected during a difficult situation.

Last year, after spending another long day at the office, I was driving home around dusk. My wife was playing the role of “soccer mom” that she does so well, shuffling our kids from after school events to sporting activities. Our oldest son collided with another youngster on the soccer field, and experienced a serious concussion that sent my wife to the local hospital, both of our boys in tow. When she arrived, she went through the mountains of paperwork to admit him, while at the same time tending to our younger son.

Once my wife finally had a moment to sit down and call me, she realized that her new iPhone had died, and she did not have a charger. Instantly, she began to panic because she was unable to reach me, and our son had just received a not-so-encouraging diagnosis. After speaking with hospital staff, she was informed of a Cell Phone Charging Kiosk located in the main lobby, and another next door in Shock Trauma. My wife found the kiosk next door, connected her phone, and was able to call me after a couple minutes of charging.

This kiosk served its purpose that day of helping a family out in a time of need. Our son is now fine, and I am a big advocate of mobile charging devices in hospitals because of my experience. Every family should have a fail-safe means to contact loved ones during an emergency.

Perhaps these stories strike a chord with you. If you work in the medical field, you have likely witnessed frantic family members or friends, worried out of their minds and unable to stay in touch. Or, maybe you’ve been on the other side of it, like Erica and Steve.

There’s another aspect, which is the fact that many of us use our phones, tablets, and other devices as a form of entertainment or even distraction. If you’re going to be waiting for a more routine procedure, like, say, your son having his tooth pulled or your sister having blood work done, you may be a little worried and your phone can serve as a distraction. However, you might be more bored than worried, and the entertainment possibilities of a (charged) smartphone or tablet are practically endless!

Placing cell phone charging kiosks in medical facilities can provide immense benefits for hospital visitors and guests. Call us today to find out what we can do to help your Steves and Ericas stay connected during their times of need. | 410.394.5500


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