NV3 Care is designed to make your kiosk and signage ownership hassle-free.  Our technicians built the product and are the most qualified to maintain the product in the field.  You may have an Internal team completely capable of network management.  This will be very useful when dealing with the NV3 Support Team.  NV3 Team members have a background in IT, programming, creative design, and have been certified in the NV3 signage and product build programs to ensure that they are familier with the products and services.  NV3 Care also includes all product licensing fees and an extended 2 year warranty on your hardware as long as you’re a member.  Join today and stay connected.
Signage Licensing

Digital Signage Licensing to standard application.

Connect Licensing

Server-side licensing required for Locker Kiosk and future Applet Access

Media Box Mailback Program

Issue with your mediaBox? We will mail you a new one.

Remote Monitoring

Licensing and monitoring of unit with monthly reports via Internet

Help Desk

Online access to support techs and FAQs

Extended 2 Year Warranty

Extends warranty on non-ware items for 2 years from date of invoice as long as contract is active.



NV3 Care+ is designed for clients rolling out an advertising business model and/or clients looking for personalized attention to their network.



Manage Content

Assist with uploading and placing content onto screens.

Monitor Advertising or other Content

Ensure content is playing where it needs to be.


We will provide detailed reports of charging, proof of play, and others.

Account Representative

Dedicated USA rep.

Help Desk

Enter issues or projects online if in a rush.

Phone Support

Call your USA based rep.