Project Management

Project Management

We interface with a wide variety of clients, and we understand that digital signage can be a challenge if you are not familiar with the options.  What is the Solution? This can only be answered with the question.  What is the dilemma you are trying to solve?  We take a close look at what you are trying to communicate and formulate a solution.

Long Term Management?

Clients that are looking for long term solutions in managing their network and assisting with content development will be placed into an NV3Care+ program.  This appoints an individual to your project and allows them to understand and be involved in the day to day activities.

Manage Content

Assist with uploading and placing content onto screens.

Monitor Advertising or other Content

Ensure content is playing where it needs to be.


We will provide detailed reports of charging, proof of play, and others.

Account Representative

Dedicated USA rep.

Help Desk

Enter issues or projects online if in a rush.

Phone Support

Call your USA based rep.