Trade Show Press Release


NV3 Technologies’ Cell Phone Charging Kiosks and Digital Signage
Help Expand Trade Show Presence and Increase Leads

NV3 kiosks help attract more traffic and provide excellent networking opportunities for businesses.

Baltimore, MD (November 6, 2014) – With conference and trade show season quickly approaching, Cell Phone Charging Kiosks with Digital Signage from NV3 Technologies hold the key to successfully obtaining new leads and clients, developing relationships with existing clients, and maximizing return on investment in both money and time.

A tabletop NTC-1912 customized with colors and logos is an inexpensive, effective method to expand the reach of a company’s presence. There are great customizable floor-standing  options as well, depending on the amount of available space.

An NV3 kiosk holds trade show attendees captive and provides the perfect networking opportunity for an average of fifteen minutes. When that time is used for pitching products and company information, new contacts and lead generation come naturally.

NV3 Technologies recently entered into a multi-year business venture with Digital Conventions in Washington DC. Ten Cell Phone Charging Kiosks (eight with 32-inch HD LED screens and two with 46-inch HD LED screens) are now available for trade show booths to sponsor. NV3 provides the kiosks and any needed service, and Digital Conventions ensures sponsorship of kiosks for trade shows and events. Each unit displays information supporting the active show and has the capacity to charge nine mobile devices simultaneously with NV3’s safe charging technology. NV3 is looking to close similar deals with other companies interested in providing cell phone charging and digital signage.

A major cell phone carrier representative and client of NV3 Technologies said, “Mobile device batteries tend to expire more quickly in the trade show setting than most patrons expect.” She owns over a dozen portable tabletop units for use at events and trade shows, and is a major proponent of the importance of charging kiosks in convention centers. “Necessary information is kept on smartphones and tablets; a lost connection can be devastating to the productivity of trade show participants.”

When a trade show booth features an NV3 Cell Phone Charging Kiosk and uses the unique Digital Signage screen to display relevant company or product information, that booth has the potential to see more traffic than it would have otherwise.


NV3 Technologies is a team of highly motivated individuals who are dedicated to the creation of products that combine NV3’s proprietary charging technology with their unique digital signage. All NV3 Cell Phone Charging Kiosks are manufactured and assembled in Baltimore, Maryland. NV3 Technologies has a solution for every device charging and digital signage need. To learn more about charging solutions and digital signage offerings, and to find out how customers in various industries use NV3’s products, please visit



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