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NV3’s Cell Phone Charging Kiosk is a great tool for marketing and brand promotion. We offer custom made vinyl wraps that adapt the kiosk to meet your company’s needs. The wrapped kiosks provide the opportunity to draw in customers with logos, slogans, and eye-catching brand colors. Charge customers’ phones with an NV3 kiosk while you guide them through the goals and accomplishments of your business. Customers will be thrilled with the above average treatment, and your company will be sure to stand out.

Cell Phone Charging Kiosks have been successful at trade shows and expositions where the stream of booths and products can be overwhelming for consumers. Cell Phone Charging Kiosks draw attention and provide a much needed service in battery draining convention center settings.

Communications companies find many ways to profit from NV3 Charging Kiosks. Many move their kiosks from place to place, installing them in trade show booths as a draw for curious customers whose cell phones may have been drained by poor cell service. Other companies sponsor kiosks, which are installed in public places like malls and amusement parks. Kiosks sport sponsor brand colors and logos, therefore advertising for your company while patrons charge their phones. The kiosks both serve as an advertising opportunity and provide a public service customers will associate with your brand.

Most Cell Phone Charging Kiosks also include Digital Signage, which can be programmed to display anything from advertisements to trade show news or park directories. The kiosk’s dual capability as a charging service and information point make it the ideal choice. NV3 Technologies provides different levels of Digital Signage in order to meet every customer’s needs, and kiosks come in all shapes and sizes.

Tabletop NTC-1912 kiosks fit on a desk, wall mount, or pedestal stand, and are best for facilities with limited space.

The solar NSK -10 kiosk is ideal for amusement parks and other outdoor venues where your company advertises. The solar kiosk runs entirely on solar power, and can be fully customized with brand colors.

The thin NTC-3212 kiosk combines the larger screen of the large NTC-32 with the small, wall mountable design of the tabletop model.

The new High Top Charging Table is becoming popular in food courts, restaurants, stadiums, and trade show exhibits that have the floor space to accommodate them.

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