Stay Connected: Traveling and Entertainment

A phone charger may not be the first thing you think to grab on your way out the door. Many find themselves stuck without a charged phone when traveling or spending all day at an event.

On a trip, you may arrive at the hotel only to find that your phone charger slipped your mind when you were packing your bags.

Or you show up at an all-day business conference, assuming that your phone will last the entire time, and then you realize that you must have neglected to plug it in the night before.

Maybe you’re meeting a date at a concert or sporting event and you get there early to have a drink, and when it’s time for your date to show up you notice that your phone is dead and now she has no way to reach you and find out where you are.

Or here’s a big one: Your half-hour flight is scheduled to leave in an hour, and your phone charger is in your checked luggage, which is fine because you have 45% left on your battery and you don’t plan to use it much. A storm rolls in, delaying your flight, and now you’re leaving in four hours instead of one.

It’s times like those that make Cell Phone Charging Kiosks a necessity.

Kiosks provide an emergency boost of power while NV3’s Digital Signage displays content that is useful and relevant for busy travelers and event-goers.

The signs can display anything from advertisements to event information, so they can even be used to collect revenue. Charging Kiosks are highly customizable. Vinyl wraps make a big statement, and kiosks can be a free-to-use service or charge cash or credit for use. NV3 makes kiosks in all shapes and sizes to suit your venue and your customers’ needs.

Hotels and entertainment companies provide an indispensable service with cell phone charging kiosks. Packing a charging cord is the last thing on customers’ minds while traveling or on the way to a night out at a concert or casino, but cell phones will run out of charge as the hours go by. Kiosks help keep customers in contact with friends, prevent confusion caused by lack of communication, and advertise upcoming company events or newly released products. Charging kiosks keep events running smoothly and put everyone in a good mood.

The Days Inn in Washington DC features an NV3 digital signage screen in the main lobby to provide relevant information for arriving and departing guests.

The Chesapeake Energy Arena, home of the Oklahoma City Thunder, has two completely customized High Top Charging Tables to keep fans connected. 

The BWI airport advertises facilities located throughout the airport on the digital signage screens. Cell phone charging cables keep travelers connected.

Behind the counter at the Baltimore Visitor Center, located on the West Shore of Baltimore’s famous Inner Harbor, hangs a 55-inch HD LED screen from NV3 Technologies. The screen displays pricing information for museums such as the Edgar Allan Poe Museum and the Museum of Art and History, and attractions like the National Aquarium in Baltimore and the Maryland Science Center. Individual screens along the glass wall overlooking the harbor show information on Baltimore’s history, attractions, sports, entertainment, and dining for visitors’ planning purposes.

T-Mobile sponsors three solar-powered kiosks at Hersheypark that display information on T-Mobile phone plans while providing a valuable service to park visitors.

Sprint uses cell phone charging kiosks with digital signage to display phone plan information at conferences and trade shows.

Digital Conventions in Washington DC uses NV3 kiosks during trade shows and other events at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

Those are just a few examples of how NV3 customers use charging kiosks with digital signage to help people stay connected while traveling. You will find the perfect fit among our variety of products. Tabletop NTC-1912 kiosks fit on a desk or counter, wall mount, or pedestal stand, and are best for facilities with limited space. The High Top Charging Table is the obvious choice for any establishment with a dining or waiting area, as patrons can plug in and recharge their devices while enjoying a meal or a drink with friends. The large NTC-42 Kiosk is better suited for lobbies or other public areas where the kiosk’s eye-catching LED screen can be put to good use. And the thin NTC-3212 combines the larger screen of the NTC-42 with the small, wall-mountable design of the 1912. Investigate all NV3 has to offer and see exactly which Charging Kiosk is right for you. | 410.394.5500

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