Dealerships Give Phones a Boost

Car dealerships, automotive repair companies, and car washes have all found success with Cell Phone Charging Kiosks from NV3 Technologies. NV3’s kiosks provide a charging service to customers who need to give their phones and other mobile devices a boost. A customer may be waiting in line for repairs or to wash his car, and his phone may be the only entertainment available to him. If his phone is out of charge, checking messages or browsing social media is impossible, and this lack of activity can be frustrating. What’s more, a customer may need to contact a significant other before making a purchase decision, and he or she will need a charged phone in order to do that. Cell Phone Charging Kiosks keep customers engaged and connected to friends and family. This extra service gives customers a positive impression from the moment they walk through the door.

NV3’s kiosks are also equipped with LED screens that can display marketing information and advertisements. Advertisers will purchase time slots on the kiosks, creating an opportunity for revenue for the dealership or company.

The very first sale that NV3 officially made was to an auto dealership company, and it was for a digital signage package. A marketing company working with Toyota purchased signage in the wake of the accelerator pedal recall in 2009. Information displayed on the signs reassured customers that the cars in question were indeed safe, affirming customers’ trust in the auto company and establishing credibility for NV3’s digital signage platform.

If you are an auto dealership and you are looking for a service that will make your customers feel welcome, special, and like all of their needs are cared for, look no further than cell phone charging and digital signage from NV3 Technologies. We have the tools to keep customers connected and we strive every day to do just that. | 410.394.5500

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